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☂ H.


I'd need a little help with gaelic again .. it's termpaper time and I'd like to make sure I understand everything properly.

Cumas Éisteachta (listening capability?)
Rannpháirteach Sa Rang (participation in class activities, social whatever?)
Obair Go Neamhspleách (working independently?)
Néatacht Oibre (??)
Meascadh Le Páistí Eile (socialising with other children?)
Iompar Sa Rang (beahviour in class?)
Iompar Ar An gClós (??)
Irracht San Obair (effort put into work?)
Tinreamh (??)

O.S.I.E. (??)
O.S.P.S. (??)
Oideachas Ealaíon (arts?)
Corpoideachas (sports?)

Thanks a mill.
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