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Ireland-related Squidoo lens up...

Hello--I've started writing Squidoo lenses recently; and one of them is an Irish-themed one called Éireann85. It started out as a promotional device for a Cafepress shop by the same name; but it's evolved into its own informational page about Irish archaeology and other cultural aspects, as some of the images I use in the online store feature a dolmen from County Sligo, a hillfort outside Clogher, Co. Tyrone, and similar sites.

I spent my third year of college in Ireland (1984-85, at the School of Irish Studies, which occupied the building now known as Bewley's Hotel in Ballsbridge, Co. Dublin), and made a return visit in 2006, in order to visit and photograph prehistoric sites that I didn't get around to the last time. Anyway, I just wanted to share the link to the lens; it's got a fair amount of interesting segments, which I try to update once a week, more or less...
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