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Lightning apparel discount!

Because we're just opened up our new business 'Imbas Creations', THE place for original Celtic art, we've been celebrating with an apparel discount offer! This offer will end soon, so if you're looking for something original to wear this summer for a good deal than look no further!

We know you don't always need a reason, or an excuse to buy a cool t-shirt...
but we're giving you three anyway.
Use one of the excuses below to save on your next order:

EXCUSE1: Save $5 off a subtotal of $25 or greater
EXCUSE2: Save $15 off a subtotal of $50 or greater
EXCUSE3: Save $35 off a subtotal of $100 or greater

Use coupon codes EXCUSE1, EXCUSE2, or EXCUSE3 in our stores. This offer will be valid to Friday April 17, 11:59 PM MST.

Please click on our newest "Guardians" t-shirt design, featuring the winged wolves, to go to the main apparel store of Imbas Creations and pick out your favourite items to support the art and artist;

"Cosnóidh sibh - We Will Protect"
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